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Real people. Real results. See the difference our dermatologist-developed and clinically proven Restorative Routine has made in visibly correcting the signs of skin discoloration.

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After 3 weeks

“I love the products! My skin and its texture have evened out and some dark marks have faded. I noticed that it doesn't strip my skin and dry it out, which I love!”

Stacey, 35

Results may vary.

After 4 weeks

“My skin has taken very well to the product. I haven’t used products before that have had such great improvements with hyperpigmentation.”

Aconda, 24

Results may vary.

After 4 weeks

“I LOVE the cleanser. The smell is awesome. The texture is nice and substantial. It's very smoothing and refreshing.”

Christine, 43

Results may vary.

After 5 weeks

“At 50 the effects of two pregnancies, hormone shifts as I near menopause...have caused a great deal of hyperpigmentation. I am thrilled to report I am noticing a progressive and positive change for which I am grateful!”

Reem, 50

Results may vary.